Schooling & Abolition

“Racism is more than just physical pain; racism robs people of color of their humanity and dignity and leaves personal, psychological, and spiritual injuries. Racism is traumatic because it is a loss of protection, safety, nurturance, and acceptance—all things children need to enter school and learn.”

Dr. Bettina L. Love

How does a Black or Brown child live, learn, and grow when her spirit is under attack at school, and her body is in danger inside the classroom? How does a parent grapple with this reality? How are children’s imagination and humanity stunted by the notion that they are never safe in their schools because of the color of their skin or the God they pray to? Where does the soul go to heal when school is a place of trauma? In “Schooling & Abolition” we will explore many of the questions that Dr. Love poses above and several others… so join me in the pink room

Empathy in Theory and not Practice (Part 1): For the Love of God, Stop Calling Me, E!

Hey all! Welcome back to my pink room. Happy to have you here. Grab seat, get comfortable… we might be here for a little while. Today, we are continuing our schooling investigation with another installment in our “Schooling and Our Roots” series. We are going to be taking a slightly different approach than usual, andContinue reading “Empathy in Theory and not Practice (Part 1): For the Love of God, Stop Calling Me, E!”


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