Pink Room Poetry

Writing is really a way of thinking — not just feeling but thinking about things that are disparate, unresolved, mysterious, problematic, or just sweet

Toni morrison

Welcome to the place for all things creative …. the title is slightly misleading because here we will have a little fun and explore the world of creative writing and creating

Pink Room Poetry

Hey all…welcome back to my pink room! Grab a seat, get comfortable… we might be here for a little while. Today we are supposed to talk about the first iteration of Pink Valley’s pandemic schooling… but it turns out I need a little more time to collect my thoughts so that I say something thatContinue reading “Pink Room Poetry”

Rebellious Breathing

Black joy. I only say black joy because well black and joy often don’t find themselves together I have often tried to remember it… For I too am tired that the world thinks sorrow and blackness ought to be synonymous I too am tired of crying So, I decided to banish sorrow or at leastContinue reading “Rebellious Breathing”

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