Come on In…

Welcome all… to my pink room!

Have a seat, get comfortable… we might be here for a little while. Let’s first start with some basics (so I can have some time to actually come up with a persuasive enough argument for you to come back and join me again).

  1. Yes, my room is indeed pink… and yes it is as pink as it looks. (Since my shift from living in the physical world to a virtual one, the most frequent comment I hear is “wow, your room is pink”…so I have now taken this on as identity… #pinkroomgirls)
  2. I am very extroverted, well at least maybe that is the nice way of saying I like to talk… honestly probably too much. Well anyway I like talking so much that, since quarantine, I have turned to a perhaps slightly concerning practice of talking to myself… all the time. And I typically have these conversations with myself in the perhaps slightly less obnoxious confines of my pink bedroom walls. This blog invites you into my room to participate in a likely less concerning form of that practice.
  3. This blog is not one of sophistication or even deep intellectual inquiry and will not pretend to be. However with that said, this blog is not for the faint of heart. As you might have seen in my “About“, a few key identities I claim are Black, Christian, woman and philosopher by trade. What this means in practice is that my whole life is asking hard, challenging, uncomfortable questions about myself, my society and those around me. But it also means that I am not all the way well quite yet, so I can’t promise I will have it altogether. If brokenness scares you, well you have been warned
  4. So what will this blog really be about? It is as mentioned above an invitation to join me in conversations I have about literally everything that until now only my walls were used to hearing. Sometimes they are deep and other times silly thoughts. I have been doing a lot of reading lately about topics that are often too massive for me to make sense of on my own but I do give it a good try. You can expect to listen in on thoughts about religious revelations, corrupted systems, unresolved fears, enduring anger, crazy thought experiments and sometimes just a gold ol’ rant about the importance of oat milk in the perfect smoothie creation.
  5. Finally, one thing that you can always count on is that this blog, these conversations will be my authentic thoughts … which to be honest as mentioned above is probably a slightly scary concept so thank you for staying this long. In truth this blog is really for me, I spend way too much time in my head and the world is just too vast and my own brokenness too deep to process in solitude. So I guess in that way I need you too (even if you are indeed imaginary). I think the best healing and learning happens in and with community, so I invite you to join me in what promises to be a crazy journey.

Well we have now made it to the end of our time together. I may not have convinced you just yet to stay a while but come back tomorrow and we will talk all about what really inspired me/ why I decided to join you and all those moms out there in this venture …

That’s all from me… see you back here tomorrow at 11 am ET in the pink room!

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