2D Shenanigans

Pictured above are some of the folks who became my family

Hey all… welcome back to my pink room!

Grab a seat, get comfortable… we will be here for a little while. I have decided to put our roots conversation on hold for now and instead share a little bit today and tomorrow about a couple things that just make me smile.

Today we are talking about a place that within weeks last year became my home and the folks in that place who became my family. And that is no other than the amazing 2 Dickinson Food Co-OP, lovingly called “2D”. Ugh wow there are like a million things I could say about 2D because it really became my safe place but I will stick to three things that have made it so special to me.

But before that let me just briefly describe what it is for those of you unfamiliar with this beautiful establishment. At my university, weirdly enough a lot of social life is centered around food and how and when we eat. And one option ( the best option if you ask me) is to be a part of a Co-Op. A Co-Op is just a group of students who essentially agree to cook, clean and dine by themselves independent from university provided dinning options. 2D, however is special amongst the other Co-Ops because we have our own house where we can cook, eat but also just hang out (some of us actually sleep there as well). So its kind of like this little mini-community within the confines of campus where we can have our own culture, festivities and traditions, etc., on top of yummy meals.

So now back to top three things that make 2D special to me…

  1. It’s vegan/vegetarian only. This might seem minor if you yourself are not vegan but any fellow vegan living and eating on a university campus know how essential this really is. Like I said above so much of the social life is surrounded around eating and food but its always tricky if you can’t eat any of the food because you couldn’t find any vegan options that day. But I think one of the reasons it was so easy to feel at home at 2D was that there was always food that I could eat. And not just any food but home-made and typically quite delicious food. Oh and let me not forget about the vegan deserts… those muffins and zucchini banana bread literally to die for. How could that not make you smile and dance with glee?
  2. The people… it turns out I fit the 2D type. So I didn’t realize that there was a “type” of person that joined 2D, since you technically get in by random lottery but turns out by many accounts I was wrong. I am still not exactly sure what that type is exactly but maybe try to imagine people who love to laugh, who sometimes watch their friends spin fire (you had to have been there for this one), who are way to serious about card games and are most likely to change the world. There was never a dull moment if you can imagine and I loved it and miss it desperately.
  3. Mornings(… in other words a Vitamix, fresh fruit, sourdough, coffee, smoothie bowls and fresh air). By all accounts I am definitely a morning person and living at 2D made mornings even more beautiful. I can smell it now, the 7AM scent of fresh bread and brewing coffee, a frozen calm in the air and an awaiting Vitamix ready for oat milk, bananas and frozen fruit to make a smoothie that makes your mouth water and eyes close. Mornings at 2D were always the best part of my day.

Alright that’s all I got for you guys today. A shoutout to all the peeps at 2D that made that place such a safe and beautiful place for me. I miss all the impromptu 2 hour long conversations, laughter and movie nights. Missing you all a little extra today.

Okay join me back here tomorrow in the pink room, and hopefully I can make you smile then too.

Till then!

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