Pink Room Poetry

Hey all…welcome back to my pink room!

Grab a seat, get comfortable… we might be here for a little while.

Today we are supposed to talk about the first iteration of Pink Valley’s pandemic schooling… but it turns out I need a little more time to collect my thoughts so that I say something that makes sense. So in order to keep up our daily chats I thought I could share a poem I wrote a few months ago.

Okay I hope you enjoy…

Found God

What does it mean to have found God anyway?  

I wonder…

I wonder if it means you no longer cry 

when you are alone 

because you don’t get tired anymore. 

You don’t get tired from wearing a body  

and always having to cry about it

(because I am pretty sure you stop

crying all together).   

I wonder…

I wonder, if it means that you smile,

 and not the smile you practiced in the mirror,

5 times okay maybe 7, 

alright if you count those half smiles 10. 

But if you found God 

you don’t have to practice smiling 

because I am sure you just smile.

   I bet if you found God, 

you probably can’t help but smother

yourself from love, 

not just the word love

 The one you repeat over and over 

and over in your head 

That you barely even remember its meaning. 

No, I am talking about

the real lovey dovey kind of stuff. 

You look at yourself, or sit and think

and you don’t even have to say the word love 

You’re just so used to dishing it out to your body

and just all parts of you, 

that it would be redundant.

I wonder if you found God, 

you would laugh without fear of breaking. 

Okay I know laughing probably

wouldn’t actually break you in 2 or somethin’

but if you found God

you would never be scared

that your laughter is the only thing left 

after the screams and the tears.  

You wouldn’t fear that tomorrow, 

or the next day 

or whenever you stopped laughing,  

you would simply disappear.   

Well I wonder if you found God,

 you would stop wondering about God

all together.

I guess that sounds silly 

because you found him. 

But I wonder if you would stop searching 

for meaning, 

for confirmation, 

if you found God,  


surely you would be whole.   

You would stop running into empty promises

 And falling into broken relationships. 

I wonder if you found God,

it would kind of be like flying.

But not in a weird way,

the way.. the way

you sometimes dream about.

The way that never really ends up further than  

a hard pavement behind that old building 

you used to go to when you were little

No, your flying, 

the flying when you find God 

would just be majestic, 

you would never need to check if you were

falling instead 

because you would be weightless

.  So sing hallelujah to the Lord

and maybe…

maybe you’ll find him.

Alright that’s all from me tonight… Join me back here tomorrow in the pink room and we will get right back into the roots.

Till then!

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