March Check-In

Hi folks! Welcome back to my pink room.. so glad to have you. Grab a seat, get comfortable… we might be here for a little while.

So I figured it might be about time to give another life update.

I am pretty sure that last Friday marked 5 months since I first released this blog and welcomed you all into the four walls of your favorite pink room. And wow… does it feel like time goes by fast!

So if you’ve been following along, you probably have noticed the frequency of our chats has slowed down pretty significantly over the last several months. I was really quite ambitious in the beginning and for nearly three weeks wrote a post every single day. I then thought I might post a few times a week and now here we are. But that of course is not to say that ideas and thoughts, theories and what feels like revelations do not swirl in my head at sonic speed daily. Or that there weren’t or haven’t been about a million new stories I have been dying to share. Yet to be completely frank, time and patience have been my greatest enemies.

I often find it incredibly difficult to make space to sit down and actually write something. And a friend recently reminded me of some maybe old proverb but nonetheless incredibly true, perfect is almost always the enemy of good. And the topics that we have been covering are so big and complex and require a lot of care in how we treat and address them. So I have found myself simply choosing to do nothing really over than trying to make sense of all those complex systems, ideas and theories.

However, today (which is actually last Saturday) with the warm companionship of the sun and a soft spring breeze I have finally made the space to actually sit down and write for a little while. So let’s try and get to the good stuff, shall we?

A LOT has happened in my life since we last spoke. So I thought I might just fill you in and then close our time together with a few new thoughts.

So can we start with the sun. Yes, the sun has come out of hiding finally and brought with it joy and happiness. Spring is here! And I swear, I am like a flower or something because the world just becomes better with the sun shining. I began walking regularly again for about 20 to 40 minutes each day. Popsugar Fitness videos are tempting me again into that masochistic practice often know as “exercising”. I began a day job, well not exactly but like a real person job. I am working for like 10 hours a week or so and will actually switch to full time come the summer. I am interning at this insurance company I worked at a couple summers ago and its been really nice to have something to kind of distract myself from all the other million things going on in my world.

I typically have spent the rest of my week dedicating nearly all my time to an organization, I co-founded nearly a year ago now, called the Just Education Initiative (definitely check us out @justeducationinitiative on Facebook and Instagram if you haven’t already). It has been through this work that I continue to learn what not to do when it comes to grassroots organizing and impact building. I do that by well… doing a whole lot wrong. Nearly all the time. Yet at the same time I have been continually pushed to live and love with my whole body and not just mind. To fail bravely and with courage. To lead with humility and confidence. I have learned to simply care even when it hurts or the pain of others feels endless. I have learned that it is care that keeps us human. And finally I have learned to dream boldly, audaciously and dangerously.

Oh and of course, as of about week ago today, I have a cute boyfriend now. Every day I am getting to learn compassion, joy and beauty all over again. Learning someone they never tell you is about as exciting and terrifying as sky diving. But okay enough of all this stuff, now on to the new thoughts to wrap up our time together as promised.

  1. I am not, without my body. This may sound strange or obvious to you but either way these past several weeks I have found it to be deeply profound. I live constantly in a world that has overvalued my mind at the cost of my body. That has made me choose between a nourished mind or a healthy body. That has glorified abuse and misuse of my body in the name of better and better intellectual property. That has made even my faith about invisible spirits and mystical saints instead of my real fear drowned insides and my neighbors’ growling stomachs. So I have come to believe that I cannot be without my body. That my body matters and I want to live like it does.
  2. Love is messy. Empathy is excruciating. And compassion is just dirty. I am not going to explain this too much but I will tell you if someone told you that loving is clean you got another thing coming for you. I mean honestly just ask your parents, your siblings or even your friends.

Okay well that’s all I got friends. Hope to see you here next time… hopefully real soon in the pink room.

Till then!

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